Friday, November 4, 2016


 Across  the top of Australia  annual  preparations  are underway   for the  cyclone season.  In   the  Northern Territory   capital,  Darwin , residents   have been experiencing   what  could  be seen as  an  early Wet , with  high  humidity  and    storms ,  in  one lightning  striking a  house . 
As reported earlier  here , there has been good  rain down through the  Queensland channel country  transforming  the area . It is  hot and muggy  at Weipa on the western side of  Cape York Peninsula  , and on the east coast ,  from   Rollingstone  north   to Cairns  and  beyond , there  have  been  spasmodic    falls.
Townsville , in  the dry tropics, has received  very little rain and water restrictions  were  put in  place , water   about  to  be  pumped  from  the   Burdekin   Dam .  The  flowering  of  certain  orchids   in    Townsville and on Magnetic  Island  were   said  to indicate   that  there would be  rain - and so there  was , not  much ,  but very welcome .  (Photos  of Townsville and  Magnetic Island from atop  Castle Hill   by  Abra  .)