Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Some  interesting  railway photographs from Africa, Taiwan ,  Sabah and America  were  discovered  by one of our runners in the  Coin  Bear Collectables  cave  in  Darwin  . On the  left , above, is  a July 1981  gorge  derailment  in  Sabah State Railways . The  other train , somewhat like   The Sandfly , which  ran about  the  Darwin waterfront in early days, is described as Nyasaland  Railways  No.1 "Thistle ", at the Malawi Railways Ltd,  Limbe Station  headquarters ,October 1969.
Pictured above, left , is  New Haven locomotive 1008, at Needham Junction , Massachusetts, March 25,1948 (stamped Arthur B. Johnson,1072 E. Commercial, Springfield , Missouri ). The other  snap ,taken in 1980,  is of  a Taiwan Railway  762 centimetre  gauge train , approaching  Haulien , a  popular beach  resort .