Friday, December 26, 2014


The  Egg  and Us :Unreal Curlews eye  off royal gift.
We at this often cracked blog  literally fell  off  our perch  when Santa delivered   an unexpected parcel from  none  other  than  Her Most Germanic Majesty, The  Queen of  the  Jungle , still  nursing  a  wonky knee, in colour and shape  looking like  a hunk of  Black Forest  cake   way  past  its  use by date . The present  came  with  a  personal  handwritten instruction   to  open  the  package  with  care .   Whatever could it be ?  There  were  flights of  wild  imagination.  Like  Inspector Clouseau  dealing with  a " bombe", the elongated cardboard container was  carefully  opened at one end , a soft white  (toilet? )  paper  wrapped  object   withdrawn ,  unwrapped - to reveal  a blown , infertile Curlew  egg !!! We bet  nobody else in this  land received such a  Chrissy present.  And further  down  the surprise package  was  a  silver mount in which  to insert and display the  egg.  It joins   our  computer  generated  Curlew figurines mounted on a wooden base   made by  another  German  bird lover on Magnetic Island, North  Queensland . The Queen later explained  the egg is a reward  for helping  to drag out and  harpoon  her water bed while she was  in  hospital.  Had we discovered the other surprise in the package, she asked. No-what?...German Chancellor Angela Merkel , extra  padding in the container had  included pages  from   a September issue  of The Guardian Weekly highlighting  an address by Merkel at a rally against anti-Semitism  entitled Stand Up! Jew Hatred-Never Again ! Hastily searching through the  Christmas present  wrappings, we guiltily  retrieved  Ms Merkel .