Saturday, December 27, 2014


The recent post about steps being taken to  save an ancient  Baobab  in a  Darwin car park  prompted  Melbourne  journalist  Kim Lockwood  to send us  his  pictorial file on the  self  same  tree  which  is  located in  what used to be the Darwin High School grounds .

 His sister , Dale , attended the  school and  is photographed  above right   hugging the Baobab   at  the school's  50th  anniversary  reunion  in 2006 .

During her childhood  days in Darwin  where  her father , Douglas, was the Melbourne Herald representative , and mother, Ruth , involved in running the North Australian Eisteddfod ,  Dale  had  the painful experience of  treading  on  a  stonefish and was piggy backed home by  Kim  and  taken  to  hospital .
Darwin High School in  1950s , the Baobab  a central feature , and old Sydney Williams huts  used as  classrooms .
The  Baobab  in  the 1930s. Over the years  the tree has survived cyclones , the Japanese bombing  raids and is thought to be  150-200 years old . 
Darwin agronomist  Rob Wesley-Smith was recently shown in this blog affectionately patting a  Milkwood tree, a survivor of Cyclone Tracy , which he had  Heritage listed .