Friday, December 19, 2014


Pandemonium party .
Cunningly disguised  as  a  cargo  vessel , the  Panamanian  registered  luxury  yacht ,   Pan  Harmony , right ,  which during the Silly Seaon  will  be  the soothing  venue   for   top secret  love ins organised by Minister  Kevin Andrews   to   heal obvious internal  spats  in the  government and  prevent  effluvium  from  the  pan hitting the   fan  in  2015.  The yacht was photographed entering the  polluted  port of  Townsville  to  take on  supplies of  truffles ,Cuban cigars  and  crates  of Grange  Hermitage  before  heading  to  Dunk  Island . Reports  have come through  that  a Chinese submarine  has  been  seen doing wheelies  near  Dunk  and PM Abbott has  been advised  not to go in  swimming  as he  may  disappear ( to cheers ) like  Harold Holt and be strung up by his thumbs until he   reveals  details of  the new trade  agreement with  Japan.