Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Inspired Crocodile  Dundee ?  
A little Darwin reader in Hanoi , Vietnam , has expressed shock and  dismay at the Sydney siege , having  watched the terrible event  on CNN .While on the subject, Andrew West of  the ABC  Religion and  Ethics  Report deserves credit for  the way he  expertly  probed  the  sad affair with  experts.    
The special by  Shawtodds about  the   Great White Hunter , Allan Stewart  , and the rough holiday  at  Nourlangie in the Northern  Territory  , prompted  the  suggestion  that the situation there  could have  inspired  the  film  Crocodile  Dundee  which made Paul Hogan such  a huge international celebrity .  Interesting possibility. On the  right  is the cover of  Allan Stewart's book about  Nourlangie .