Saturday, December 27, 2014


Once a  throbbing  part of  Darwin, the Heritage listed  Vic Hotel , where pioneer aviators  stayed  , was  again  forced to close  its  doors   this year due  to cash flow problems.  This writer , who spent his  first night in  Darwin in 1958  in  a room  at  The Vic ,  recently  made a  slow,  melancholy inspection  of  the  building  and  its  arcade constructed in later  years . Glancing out  the door of that  room , believed to be one of  those upstairs in  the photograph below ,  the  next  morning all those years ago ,  Kite  Hawks could  be  seen  flying overhead , spicy odours assailed  the nostrils similar to  those experienced a t the Taiping Chinese Café  at the  Haymarket in  Sydney .
Closed,  as   quiet  as Tut's  tomb , full  of  treasured  memories .