Wednesday, December 17, 2014


What about the Barrier Reef?
While desperate  last  minute moves are afoot by many, including  the action group  Avaaz ,  to  try and  prevent  Australian Environment  Minister  Greg  Hunt   from  giving the okay  for dredging to go  head on  the Great Barrier  Reef, a   Townsville- Magnetic Island ferry  this week   is strangely carrying  posters to  help  the  beautiful Bay of  Islands , in the north island   of New Zealand , live again??? Avaaz has sent out the  following call to action :

Dear friends across Australia.

In  days Greg Hunt could fast-track dredging of the Great Barrier Reef-and if he does , bulldozer's could be ready to roll on New Year's Day! By law he's been forced  to hold a public consultation,but it closes in two days -let's overwhelm it with messages  to stop the  dredging  and save the reef!

Right now the Abbott  government is under fire  from every direction, and the last thing the coalition back benchers  want is another unpopular project costing them more political support. If we flood the consultation and backbenchers' inboxes ,with messages opposing the plan to dredge the  waters of our national icon, Hunt will be under huge  pressure by  colleagues  to walk away from fast- track approval.The consulation closes tomorrow - click below to send an urgent message now so we can stop the dredging and save the incredible Great Barrier Reef:

Furthermore  it  is feared the Sydney siege has undoubtedly distracted the nation's attention from this  looming  threat to the Barrier Reef. Avaaz  goes on to say:-

This rushed approval process makes no sense - the coal mines that the port is being built for aren’t even financed yet. In fact, economists say the project is a huge economic risk, not least due to the plummeting price of coal. A growing list of the world’s biggest banks have publicly ruled out investing and the State Bank of India - the only bank that has put up its hand to invest- is facing huge opposition  in  India  and  around  the  world. 

The government claims it is taking all necessary environmental precautions, but Greg  Hunt’s attempt to fast-track approval suggests quite the opposite. When a similar approval was fast-tracked at Gladstone Harbour, environmental regulations were circumvented and fish were poisoned, devastating the local industry. We can’t let that  happen again.