Friday, December 12, 2014


Trio with  B.O.

CANBERRA : The  Nixon Voodoogate years  are upon us as  fear, loathing and  infighting  grows  in  Coalition  circles . On  the  Federal scene , there  is leaking  against the  Prime Minister’s Office; Environment Minister Hunt , strangely , did not attend the Lima climate change talks ; even  the right wing media and cheerleaders  , to an extent , are  turning  against  the   Coalition. They could not turn a blind eye to the  obvious  disintegration .

In  Queensland  the polls continue to show that Campbell Newman  will  be ejected  and many more LNP seats will be lost . It seems fanciful that  the ALP  could  win enough  seats  to  gain power, but  you  never know .  An  astonishing Brisbane  newspaper claimed prominent  LNP identity  Dr  Flegg  , who recently  lost  endorsement for his safe seat in a  bloody battle , was  subjected to  voodoo!!!!  In a   number of  break ins , a  spooky  voodoo  doll   was supposedly  found in  his  house . Mind you,  the walking dead is  an apt decription for the LNP  where  there is  obvious  jockeying  going on  over  Newman’s body .  

In the Northern Territory, where the Tory brand goes under the name of the Country  Liberal  Party, the  disarray  and  infighting  is  patently obvious , Chief Minister Adam Giles  is  in  deep strife after sale of  TIO .  There  is  tag  wrestling  within  the  ranks .   

If  a  wild rumour  heard in  Darwin  is  true , it  is  another    case of  déjà  vu of which  modern  journalists  would  not  be  aware . However , a person trying to pass on the  information as a  news  tip , which  used to be part of basic  news gathering , was  given the  bum’s  rush  by  a media  chappy  who  seemed more interested  in  Kardashian  handbags  and  suchlike  crap.     Darwin  journalists  also  appear  to  be  deaf to or  unaware   of  another   scandalous  situation   down   the  track .  Strange  blundering by key people in industrial talks , somehow , is not picked up by the local scribes . Where are the contacts, the rounds the  getting out the office and nosing about  ?   It  is  a  situation  ripe  for a  troppo Deep Throat  to regularly  meet  a  journo in  one of Darwin’s dark carparks  to whisper  news  tips ... and  hand out  a free  handbag as  a reward .  

 NEXT:  The  march of  the  zombies  on  the   Queensland   election trail  and  the  battle  for  the  ADF  vote  in  Darwin  and  Townsville .