Monday, December 22, 2014


Right wing political lobbyist Grahame Morris, who once said Australian people should kick PM Julia Gillard to death, says  the new super-duper Social Services Minister , Scott Morrison,  has  the  capacity to jump  down the  TV   and  grab  the  attention  of  the  viewer .
CANBERRA : Exclusive first photograph of main new  frontline members of the enhanced government  rehearsing  the  swearing in ceremony  by  the Governor-General. A government spin doctor  said  tough talking Scott Morrison, nicknamed  Mr Muscles , is really a  lovable character like Aunty Jack , who wore a golden boxing glove and   had the quaint habit of solving problems  by  threatening to  come round   and  tear  the  bloody arms off  people .This approach , he said, could be  handy  dealing with the Senate . New  Sporting Health Minister Sussan Ley  will  surely stun the  crowd when she poses for the cameras and the Australian Women's Weekly  in her Super Girl  costume,which Bronwyn Bishop planned to wear had she achieved her long held  ambition to be the Prime Minister .  It is not certain which  of the other two dandies  is the new Defence Minister.  It could be  the one in the Aunty Jack ABC  TV  hit  called Thin Arthur, with a starched  dickie and a field marshal's swagger stick .  The top  hatted gent is believed  to be the master of ceremonies  and  fibs , Tony Abbott .
UPDATE ON MANDATE : Dynamic, revamped  Cabinet  members  prepare community  hit  list ,one  displaying another  small , stupid  thought  bubble .