Friday, February 16, 2018


Drunken  looking  clock  tower , with facial tic , at the   Brewery.
Without the Townsville  media noticing due to the fact that it appears to run in an  anti-clockwise direction , the  hands on the  clock  above  the former post  office in the CBD, now the Brewery , were removed   in  recent  days  .  The  clock  has  not  worked  for  years .  After the  Japanese bombing  of  Darwin  in  1942  the   mechanism  was  removed ,  reinstalled  much  later.  Something  went wrong ,   the clock  stopped,  civic authorities  apparently did not care that  a  busted  prominent  town  clock  was  not   a   good look  for  the  Queen City of  the North .

When  British  TV  presenter   Tony Robinson  came to  Townsville on his Australian  Time  Walks  series   a  few years ago he  commented on  the fact  that  the  clock was not working , raised   the  issue  with  a person  behind the bar  in  the Brewery , was  told  the  problem  was  being worked  on .

 On  Thursday  of  this  week ,  the   hands  were  back  on ,  two  faces  almost showing   the   correct  time ! It gave the impression that  the Phantom  of Big Ben  was loose  in  the clock  tower . Could be a  story here .
Tipsy , not  working  clock  from  another  angle .