Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Tattered Welcome to Magnetic Island  withdrawn 
It  seems it has   taken a determined Melbourne journalist  to  finally get the Townsville City Council   to   completely  remove the   collapsed  and  torn  remnants   of   the  expensive ,  once  extensive,   Welcome to Magnetic  Island  wall  of  scrim   near  the  ferry  terminal . 
A reader of this  blog , who had visited Magnetic Island  last year, he was  somewhat surprised that Townsville  authorities  had  not  quickly rectified the situation, which  made  them look  hillbillyish ,  allowing it to  drag on for months , and the  local media had not picked up the story , showing they were out of touch with  the  city's so  called  Jewel in the  Crown .
If a similar  wall  of  scrim  carrying  a Welcome to  Melbourne  message in  Lygon Street  fell apart   and  was left  in that state for months there would be an uproar , the media all  over  it , a  cartoonist's delight . Not  so  in  Townsville  and  Magnetic Island  in  respect of  the  dim sim scrim .

The  Victorian journalist ( for overseas readers of this  blog-in Queensland people from across  the border are called Mexicans )   fired  off  some emails to Townsville about the  incredible snafu , the latest a few days ago,  and received   an incoherent   reply  from the Townsville City Council   promising  an answer within  20 working days . However, the last part of the wall still   tied to the barricade  and  the  big bundle of  collapsed   panels  thrown in  a heap  was  taken down-broken plastic ties  picked up  by  this  blog  during  an  inspection  of  the site .      
Not  welcomed anymore ... could   be location for  Crocodile Dundee  stunt , the unwelcome  Townsville  City Council  changing  the  name  from Cowboys to Crocodile Island .