Saturday, February 10, 2018


Romantic stroll  in the shimmering  moonlight.
Wrestling  monstrous   Logosaurus which  had  devoured  local  yokel called  Bob  Katter who was in training for  the  annual swim  to  Green Island , clad only in  an  Akubra .  Onlookers say it was hard to understand  what he  was saying  as he was dragged  under,  screaming  ,  in  front  of   reporters  who had come along for one of  his  usual  cull all crocodiles photo / quip  opportunities . It is claimed he yelled  something  like : "This  can't be happening , I am the sixth most powerful  man in Australia !"... proof positive that even if you wear a  big  cowboy hat in Queensland   political   circles  you  can still  suffer  from   sunstroke .  
Me  leading  search  party  out  early  looking  for  Katter's  missing , soggy  hat, which will end up  in the Vinnies  free  basket .

Another  romantic stroll at night , still  looking  for  hat, Crocodile floating nearby  chewing  briefcase  which   may  have  belonged  to  Katter .