Thursday, February 15, 2018


HAWAII FIVE-O : Angry Admiral Harry  Harris  has  ordered Marines   from Okinawa  to storm the beaches of  Townsville  and  raise the Wally World flag  over the Townsville City   Council  bunker in Walker Street  because of  the continuing   shocking   neglect   of   the   Victory in  the Pacific  fountain . 
He gave this  dramatic  order after our S(h)ipping  Reporter  presented  him  with the latest    report     on   the   bizarre  state  of   the   fountain  which  indicated  one of Cinderella's ugly  , big  footed stepsisters, possibly Drizella,   may have  been skinny  dipping in the polluted  water  in  the moonlight  , losing  one of   her  shoes, see above ,  in the  process. A dead  bird  was  found almost in the same  spot as  the footwear   a month or  so  ago . 
Readers will recall that  this blog  recently exclusively revealed that  the  almost completely  dry fountain  had been  converted into an Ocker's  tropical version of  Rome's  Trevi  Fountain , which featured in the    film Three Coins in  a  Fountain  .  In Townsville's case it was three   five cent pieces , a hypodermic  needle , chewing  gum, a  sauce  sachet , leaves  , part of a  palm frond   and   assorted   other  gunk ;  nearby  was   a  pile  of   rotting   bananas.
Well, folks , on February  15 , the fountain still  was not   working , although it had   more water in  it  than previously . Only  two   coins   could  be  seen ... the  needle  had   gone , the chewy  was  still  there , added  were  a feather, two bottle tops , a  straw , assorted   Russian  space  junk .A  round  drink  container with  large eyes  had been floating about  for so long  it  had flattened  out  into  an  undulating   sheet .  A blob of takeaway food on the fountain wall  was covered in ants .    Drink containers and  cans were stuffed in a  cluster of  foliage  . The nearby  bus shelter , daubed with  graffiti , still displaying the rude  remark about  Donald  Trump.   About  three  hours   later , the  shoe   was   still  visible .  
After the  brave Marines take possession of the  council building  they  will convert  the TCC's  stretch limo  into  a Wally World  bus and make a mission accomplished  victory    parade   down  The  Strand  to  hordes of   cheering  ratepayers.
Admiral  Harry  says he will  send a signal to   Canberra   declaring   he will not take up  the job as  US  Ambassador to  Australia  until  the  fountain  is cleaned up , working , and  checked  every  day ;  the rusting   anchor off  the aircraft  carrier  Coral Sea  , near the Townsville ferry terminal ,  must  also  be  made  shipshape .