Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Magnetic Island now  has a  brand new lake right at  the ferry terminal .What is known locally as "The Hole"   filled with  runoff  from the torrential  rain and  high tides.   Floating about in it is a wide variety of  rubbish , signs , puzzling   bubbling  in  two spots  as  if  an  eruption  is  imminent .
  Nearby  rock  wallabies  took  advantage of  the sun to come out   of  crevices   and  dry   out .
Overnight , the bedraggled  fairies  at the bottom of our garden had exploded and turned into something  entirely  different , the  seasick  hibiscus flower still  limp . 
The Queen of the Jungle's  residence began to leak and SES promptly  put a  tarp over the roof. During the deluge a large  boulder fell onto the road at Horseshoe Bay and was   removed by a  bulldozer . A  footbridge on the new  Nelly  Bay walkway was closed for a time due  to  debris  brought  down  by  fast  running  water  pouring  from  the  hills.
Collapsed  fronds.