Saturday, February 17, 2018


Ace political  reporter Argus Tuft  telegraphs new  political  scandal which  will rock  the  nation .

CANBERRA :  I can reveal that  the  entire Coalition is unduly  influenced by a   seductive staff  member  who is  closely linked to   the Manager of Government  Business  in the  House of Representatives, Christopher  Pyne. 

ABC political reporter Annabel Crabb  grilled  Pyne  over  his obvious close   association   with  Ms.  Dix   and  he was  captured on camera  saying  he did not even  know  she  existed !!!! 
This despite the fact that he is responsible   for  drawing  up  questions  to be asked of government  during  parliamentary  sittings which  are universally    known  as  coming  from   Dorothy  Dix  and  are  called  Dorothy Dixers .
Argus Tuft  says  Dorothy Dix  is rushed from office to office at all hours of the night  and  day. She has the power to  mesmerise politicians  and make them    sound like  robots when  they  get up and  ask a  question in the House of Reps  and Pets. Her frequent  passionate  utterances  refer to  hard  working  Australians who  could  do  themselves an injury  in  a  different  position proposed   by   those  evil   eunuchs  opposite.