Friday, September 16, 2016


CANBERRA : The  Australian Federal Police  has  ordered an immediate  ban on the  sale  of  custard tarts  in   parliamentary  dining rooms   following  BBC  celebrity Stephen  Fry  demonstrating , above, how to turn   harmless  custard powder   into  an  explosive . 
With parliament abuzz with  rumours of  a gunpowder plot against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,  the  overworked  AFP  is  deeply concerned  about  the  possibility of  a lone wolf  custard  powder  attack . A suspicious development in recent months has  been the astronomical  sale of  custard tarts to  a  certain group  of  malcontents  in  the  Coalition . Persons under surveillance include a number of  known  grumpy custard  tart  gluttons   who   look and sound  as  if  they should  have  their  stomachs,   livers   and  tongues  stapled .