Friday, September 9, 2016


At  long last , the sign  for  MHR  Cathy O'Toole (ALP)  went up over  the  premises  of ousted  Ewen Jones (LNP)   in  Townsville  at  a  busy  intersection , apparently unnoticed by the  local  media . One  would think the fact that  the  increasingly  vital  seat   won  by   Labor  by  37   votes  for  the  first  time  in 20 years  and  by a  woman  makes  it  a  thoroughly newsworthy event.  Nope

 And just last week  she  was  present  in the  House of Representatives in  Canberra   during  which the Turnbull Government  twice lost  a  vote in the biggest  upset  for  a  government  in  half  a century .

One would think  the local  media might have  done an in depth report   about  Ms O'Toole's impressions  of   Canberra, finding  her   way  round  the  maze ,  the  voting event which rattled the government , other  colourful snippets . Nope .

Here is  a  news   tip  for  the  Townsville media ...your representative , when in Canberra ,  has an  office  diagonally  across  from   ousted  PM  Tony  Abbott , aka  the Mad  Monk ,  now a  vocal  back bencher.    She  could  be  near  the frontline  of   a  Guy  Fawkes like  plot   by  unhappy , babbling  delcons  and  extreme  right wingers , hosed off , to put it mildly, about   Turnbull's  leadership  and  the  narrow  election  win , especially  O'Toole's victory. 

 After Abbott today  criticised  PM  Turnbull  for  calling  the  Royal Commission into the  Don  Dale Juvenile  Detention Centre in Darwin , the gunpowder  plot  has   thickened , there is an alarming smell  of  burning  Cordy-ite in the  air in the  Coalition   corridors  of   power.    
Should Ms  O"Toole  see  the  above bunch of desperadoes heading towards Abbott's grotto, she should  immediately press the alarm  button and  dive  under  the desk .
With talk of  Turnbull not likely to last much longer and even  Abbott   coming back as leader !!! , the Member for Herbert , in  more ways  than one , is in a strategically  important  office  in  Canberra. She should keep a close watch on those   going   to  and  from  Abbott's office.

Another tip  for the media : the deadline for an appeal  to the Court of  Disputed Returns in the seat of Herbert  is  September 16 ,  so  get  in  and ask Senator  Macdonald  and   Ewen Jones what  is  happening ...this is called being on the ball, following up  the obvious  angles  and  not  waiting   for  a  media  release.  Could  even lend  itself  to  a  count down series.  It might also  pay to check  to see if the betting shops are holding  any  money on the likelihood of a challenge, the outcome .  Surprising  what  you  learn  when  you  ask  obvious  questions .