Friday, September 2, 2016


With  weather  supposed to be warming up , there are  increasing indications  that  Spring is here . Snakes are on the move , one  pictured left   in the Townsville suburb of Mundingburra  , where it had  taken  up residence  in  a  planter  box . Residents  have been alerted  to  watch  out  for  snakes .
On nearby  Magnetic Island , a harmless  green tree snake had a snap at a handyman who disturbed it  and   Coucals  have been spotted  fluttering about in the bush  and  heard  calling at night. Larry the  cussing  Lorikeet  is  also  frisky  and has been exceptionally naughty .

In fact, the Queen of the Jungle  may lodge him in the Tower of London  if  he  continues to misbehave . While she was  in Townsville  having  her  bones  realigned   because  of  injuries received when she  came off a motorbike  on a German  autobahn when  she was much  younger , Larry , home alone , went on a rampage . 

Unable to  fly because of injuries received   in Cyclone Larry , he dragged each and every one of his five  teddy bears , all much bigger than he , into his cage in which he sleeps at night . Once they were  in there , he tore to shreds the fresh newspaper  lining the Queen had  placed on the bottom . Then , over  hours, he pooped on the  poor  teddies and the new  Purple People Eater  triangular shaped  nest in  which  he snoozes .
Imagine the scene  which   greeted the   Queen  when she  limped through the door. Larry made  things worse  by impatiently rattling two empty food dishes , demanding  they be   filled .

Well, dear twitterpated  reader, the  Queen let fly. Larry was  abused , threatened. He joined  in  the  tirade  by  muttering , "Bugger!Bugger! Bugger !"The  bears were  rescued, cleaned ; the Purple People Eater  washed  and  hung on the line , pecked  by   those rascally  Currawongs .

During the week, the sluggish beating  hearts of  patients entering the Latitude  19 Health Medical Centre  on  the island raced  when  people   were  greeted  by  this mutilated octopus just inside  the front door . It  was not a case of an unusual   medical emergency , it was an  objet d'art  for  Dr Claus  Bader , who has  filled the  premises with  a soothing  piscatorial  theme , a  huge print of  a  crown of thorns starfish  munching away  on  the  Barrier Reef  dominates  a  wall  in  the reception  area .