Saturday, September 17, 2016


Corflutes  left  over from  the  recent  federal election campaign have been used to overcome  a  tense  situation on Magnetic Island. A visiting  lolloping puppy in the property  at  the  back of  Little Darwin's residence   upset  our  nesting  Curlews. Shrieking ,  wings outstretched , the Curlews  ran up and down the fence  in a vain   attempt   to  frighten the  dog  away , two  eggs left unattended   in the  noisy confrontation.    The  placid  scene  above shows  Curlew  sitting on the  eggs ,   a variety of  corflutes , including one for  Cathy O'Toole , who won the seat of Herbert , forming  a  barrier  along  the  fence line so  that the combatants  cannot see  each  other .