Monday, September 26, 2016


An unusual  survey is currently underway asking  the normally  very relaxed Magnetic Island  residents  for  information about  the spread of  Death  Adders  on   the entrancing  island.
One well known  islander who had  an encounter of the   very  close kind-to wit with one of his  succulent  toes - is  the  former editor of  the Magnetic Island  Times   newspaper , George Hirst , seen here , his right foot bandaged like one of grandma's steamed   Christmas puddings gone wrong   , being  transported   on  a  ferry to the mainland , then taken  by  ambulance to Townsville  Hospital  after a  cranky Death Adder  sank  its  fangs  into him .

Heavy footed Hirst had annoyed  the sluggish  snake by  walking  backwards  and  forwards  to  a  shed , so  it fanged him .

The attack took place at beautiful  Bolger Bay where he once  had  a rustic residence , during  which  time  he almost became a  Death Adder  Whisperer . He gave up counting  adders  after removing  about 40 of them  from  the leafy  surrounds.  
On notice boards  across the island are sheets  headed Death Adder Project , asking   for information  about  dispersal of the   critters , the names of  walking tracks  where  they  have been seen  lurking , the time of the day , and  what  additional  information contributors  would like  to  know , such  as  the  potency   of    the   venom .

Community minded   Hirst, now a filmmaker  with Penelope Sheridan  , Cranky Curlew Productions ,  intends  to contribute   to  the  survey . After once  climbing  to  the  highest peak  on Magnetic Island , Mount Cook,  he flopped down , rested an   arm  on a  rock... and there , enjoying  the  panoramic  view, was  a  Death Adder!

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