Saturday, September 17, 2016


Despite the Cowboys beating the Brisbane Broncos  , North  Queenslanders are less  starry eyed  than  you would expect  , no doubt due to the fact that , without  any explanation or warning that the sky is about to fall in  ,   the  regular , syndicated zodiac  column  by  Shelley von Strunckel ,70,  was  dropped  on September  13 ( a number regarded as unlucky)   from   the weekly  give away  Townsville Sun , inserted  in  the Townsville  Bulletin  each  Tuesday .
Up until  that day, the newspaper readers  got not one but two servings of the stars  each Tuesday, the regular Bulletin   daily  horoscope hombre , Oscar Cainer , nephew  of the  syndicated  former star gazer , Jonathan Cainer , who  died  in May this year  , but  his  columns  miraculously  appeared  for some time after  his  departure  from  the   planet , and  von  Strunckel's  frothy  words. 

Strunckel's "positive forecasts" also   got a  run  in  the Cairns Post and  other  Murdoch papers.  Born in California ,   in the rag trade before  becoming a tabloid  astrologer,  von Strunckel   probably consoled  herself  at  being sucked into  a  Murdoch media  black  hole   by downing  a glass  or  two of  bubbly as she is also a  noted  "champagne mystic". Watch  this  space for comets  and  wayward   asterisks .