Tuesday, September 20, 2016


During  the  federal  election campaign  for  the  Queensland  seat of  Herbert,   won by the ALP  , an economist  standing  as  a  Katter  Party  candidate  said  Magnetic Island,  going  on  the  average age  of  an  island  resident, more than 50, was   an oldies   hotpot area  with lots  of  business  opportunities  to   cater  for  this  demographic .

 Cyclops, more  than  two decades  older  than  the  average islander, did not want to  rain  on  the  economist's  bottom  line  by  pointing out   that  attempts to  cash  in  on  these  spritely  islanders who take part in  power walking, yoga , Tai Chi , boot  camp , attend University of the Third Age  , snorkel and just love  needlework   , to use a Wall Street Journal  term , had  come   a   gutsa.

Take  the  proposal  to  turn  jungle country, left  to  the Catholic Church  and  known  as   the Pope's Land  , into  a  retirement  village, which  raised  strong opposition  and did not eventuate . It was pointed out  that  part  of  the  bush  flooded   during   monsoonal rain  and  water ran for months . Other reasons  why the islanders did not want the  bush  chopped down  included  the fact that it is occupied by Curlews, Coucals , visiting  Torres Strait Pigeons , grunting Koalas , Spangled Drongos,  snakes , lizards.  
Another   well  set up  tourist  facility  announced  it  intended  converting  its   beaut waterfront  resort into  a retirement  village , but   abandoned  plans because  of   the  lack  of   interest .   

Imagine  the shock when  that  famous   old  girl, New York's   Statue of  Liberty ,  has just taken up  residence on Magnetic Island  and  is offering to help overcome  the obesity problem  in  Queensland . A bit tottery on  her gams  after all those  years  out  there in  the open on Ellis Island  , she was  snapped, right ,  outside the Magnetic Island Pharmacy, Nelly  Bay, holding  in  her  free left  hand  what  looked  like  a  Manhattan cocktail .  

In an exclusive interview with  little Darwin , the statue, about  to slip into a   mini skirt to  expose her  knobbly  knees to  glorious  Aussie sun ,  said  she was  sick and tired of  wearing  that unfashionable  robe  ; she had also  found it  painful   holding up  that  heavy liberty  torch  in  the extreme   Big  Apple  weather , which had resulted in  arthritis .  "I'm a bit rusty in  the knee  joints and hips , as well , love , " she   told  this  blogger, himself  on  new  medication  .
To prove her point ,  from her private  album ,  the statue   provided  this 1876  photograph, below, of the massive   torch  component  and  her right  hand  before the   statue was   completely assembled .