Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Readers of this blog know that we have a propensity to collect oddities , rarities , junk . Indeed , our runners  scan  the  nation  - the globe - looking for new  items  of interest . On a recent visit to  Darwin  we acquired  the  above   highly  desirable  object  made  from  angle  iron , the  propeller a piece of Reo reinforcing mesh .
The  plane was  spotted  in a  lush  tropical  garden  setting.  It was offered to our junk collector by people who  had  previously given him a rare painting of  nudist  Darwin  journalist  Dick Muddimer and  his  dog.  That unusual painting  was  handed onto  a woman who  kindly looked after  Muddimer  late in his life . 
A plan was made  to sneak the plane out of the Territory   , almost certainly  on the NT Heritage List ,  to Queensland  in  personal  luggage . However , as our scout looks sneaky and is often  tested  for  explosives when  he goes to the airport , as he was on his trip to Darwin, it was decided to leave the  plane  behind  and  have it  smuggled out  by  courier  at  a  later date.
This  was a  smart  move  as  our man's  wife  was  pulled up  at the  Darwin airport  security  check  and  her  handbag scanned  three  times because of a  suspicious  key ring attachment  in the shape of  a  large , silver ,  chewy   dog  bone .