Thursday, November 27, 2014


CANBERRA : Inspired by the  feisty Speaker of  the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, Kezia Purick , who threatened to castrate a Federal minister  , the angry  House of Representatives  Speaker ,  Bronwyn " Kicker" Bishop, who has  so far booted  out  some  285  politicians , all but five Laborites,  is  eager  to  apply the same  shock  treatment  to   troublesome members  who defy  her during Question Time . Pistol packing  Purick took a shot   at the Minister for Social Services and  free Cupid  Cuddling  Counselling  , Kevin Andrews,  when  he said marriages are more stable  than de facto relationships .

On Facebook, Purick let fly  with  the farm blunderbuss at  Andrews , who has hair darker  than  that  of  Andrew  Peacock in his  prime : "Listen here you pooncy, pasty faced  person from some pissant place that no one cares about , half my electorate  are probably in de facto  relationships and they are happy living people who do their best  for  their families and their communities." They worked hard ,tried their best  and believed  that you judge people by their deeds , not some piece of  paper.

She continued : "Go away Kevin Andrews  and if you  ever come  to the rural area and try  to tell us   how to live , three words for you , green rubber ring!" This was taken  as an  apparent reference to  a device  to  castrate stock.
Minister  Andrews  fighting  off  Purick's whopper  ring .
Later , again on Facebook , Purick said she was fed  up with "bastard snakes " who eat her  chooks , silkies and  chickens . Recently , her  mother , a  former  Territory politician  who was seen knitting in parliament and  at public  gatherings , made the NT News  when  it was reported that her  pet lamb , below , had disappeared  and a  snake is suspected as the culprit .
Mother Purick's  succulent Lamb Chop in an
Alan  Jones  hessian  bag.

Little Darwin  has received  a tip off  that Mr Hissy, a large  python which used to live in the roof  of the Arnhem Nursery    residence  at  Humpty Doo  has  been seen  in  the  area.  A smaller  python has taken up residence in the roof at the nursery  and  recently  hissed at  the  bobcat operator , Kerry Byrnes , when he warned it not to eat a small  dog it was eyeing off .... Then again,  the lamb could have been snaffled  by  a  human  rustler as  there are many of  them  living in a de facto relationship  with  a butcher and grouse cook  in  the  Darwin  rural  area .