Sunday, November 23, 2014


Across North Australia  Father Christmas has almost become a bogan . Decorations for  Christmas  trees have also  undergone  a radical change   from  the traditional Star of  Bethlehem on  top   and  pawn  broker  balls of  various  colours . Instead of being located  in Santaland , Toyland  or  an  Ice Palace,the obese , jolly old man  now greets  children in  a  hut  in  a  coconut  plantation .

Doing some Christmas window shopping , a Little Darwin roving  reporter came across the above  display  in  Darwin. It sports thong wearing Santas ,some even inside snow storm containers. One Santa has  a skateboard , another  a  mug ,presumably beer . It includes  a wide  range of Australian animals  to  hang on your  Christmas tree-Koalas , Kangaroos , Echidnas , Penguins, various  birds . In the array of Kangaroos at the left of the photo is one  with  angel-like wings ( a flying kangaroo?)  and another seems to  be sporting  a  wig like a Supreme  Court  judge...On closer examination, it is actually a kitchy Kangaroo  Nativity scene , a baby kanga representing Jesus on  a  rock manger .  Behind the  roos,wearing a Santa hat,  is an odd shaped  blob  which could  be  mistaken   for  a  poisonous Stone Fish . 

In  another shop in the  Darwin CBD  there appears to be a display inspired by  the 1980s sitcom  , Kingswood Country. In  that comedy Ted Bullpitt , played by Ross Higgins , had an Aboriginal garden statue  called  Neville , said  to have been inspired by Senator Neville Bonner , the first aboriginal to become  a member of the Australian parliament .   The shop  window  scene  shows  a  glistening black mannequin, wearing a  Darwin top, holding an extremely  fluffy  Kookaburra  which  looks  as  if  it  has  been through a  washing machine .

In Townsville, North Queensland , the Castletown  supermarket boasts a clump of imitation  coconut trees   in which  is located Santa's Hut where  children can have their  photos taken , one of  the elves  tall  enough  to  be  a  basketballer.