Sunday, November 30, 2014



Since  welcome  heavy rain began to fall in  Darwin  some of  the large flocks of Magpie Geese  have started  to  disperse  out  to the Wet season floodplains  . As usual ,  there were large numbers  of  the birds in  and  around the Botanic  Gardens and the  rural area  waiting for the monsoons.  In  the grounds of  the Uniting Church in suburban Nightcliff,where a variety of birds are seen  over the year , tucked  away is the  above weathered wooden cross  which reads : In  Loving Memory  of  Baby Fran  Rose, died 20-12-1996.  Seen foraging nearby  was the  lone, injured  Magpie Goose on the right which has an injured  leg. It  would  hobble  about, picking  at  the ground , then  squat down , resting , obviously in pain .  Eventually  it got to its feet, awkwardly  launched  itself  into  the air  and, with a honk , flew away.