Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A spectacular  demonstration  which showed   80 people with their heads  buried in the sand on The Strand  in  Townsville  on  People's Climate March Day  in September , attended by  300,000 in New York ,   went  viral  and then some.  Now  it has  inspired  a similar event  which will  be  staged at  Sydney's Bondi  Beach to drive  home the message  at the G20 meeting in  Brisbane. The initial event was  organised  by the North Queensland Environment Council and  filmed by  the Cranky Curlew  Productions team  -Penelope Sheridan and  her husband  George Hirst , of  Magnetic Island .

Hirst, former editor of the Magnetic Island Times , has sent out  a message   in which he  said the  original Townsville Salutes image  had been  uploaded to the world wide web and  spread like  wildfire, seen by millions .  It was widely seen as an hilarious and depressingly accurate interpretation of our government's approach to climate change - perhaps  the  most  challenging  issue ever to  face  humanity.

 On the eve of the G20, a group of Sydneysiders , he said,   have decided to follow Townsville' s lead.  They're  upping the ante and descending on  Bondi Beach to set a catchy new world record - The Most Heads Stuck in the Sand!

If you happen to be in the vicinity you are invited  to participate , the resulting images making it impossible for the world's media to ignore. Hirst went on to say : "Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your bum plastered across every one of the world's newspapers the weekend after this. Help send a ridiculous message of support to our PM - for his attitude towards renewable energy, for his decision to take the "cluttering" topic of climate change off the G20 agenda, and for his steadfast resolve against all those leaders in the international community who choose to believe the science. "  

Please sign up at and spread the word ASAP - to your friends, colleagues and networks . Also see

Things are hotting up for Abbot - soon it will be the Victorian state election expected massacre  ,  followed  by  Queensland  where the  LNP Newman  carbuncle  is  about  to  burst . Polls continue to show  Malcolm Turnbull  is far  more  popular than  the  Mad  Monk  and the  hypnotist , Julie  Bishop .  Ms Bishop got hot under the collar when the  media reported she attended the Melbourne Cup with  a " boyfriend "-  property developer  David Panton .  She and her  office reportedly  dashed out  like   helmeted  members of the CFS and "hosed"   down  the  claim.     The  tip is  that  after  the  Victorian election  and  the  growing siege mentality  in  the federal government , the  blowtorch  will be  applied to  the  PM   and  he  and  some of the  other  front  bench   deadwood will  be  given  the  Joan of  Arc  treatment , blue gum faggots providing  the  fuel .