Friday, November 21, 2014


Peeping out  at  the  cruel  world  from  under  wing .
Not only did the  two eggs  hatch  while we were absent for  two weeks , but the chicks were  not  the  victims of   predator attacks , so  we  were elated  when  we arrived  back  from  the Top End.  During our absence  Barkings Owls and other  birds of  prey had been on the attack  in the  area , screaming and wailing  Curlews  filling the nights in  the last  three   days  in particular . An   experienced   wildlife carer who runs   the  Man Friday  Restaurant  on  Magnetic  Island  had   kindly   fed and watered  the Curlews   while we were  away.    The morning after our return, the male  parent trotted  into  the  kitchen , indicating   he expected things to get back  to normal, especially the  night   patrol  to prevent the Barking  Owls from raiding the  chicks .  A  hawk had swept down  and   grabbed   a  hapless     chick   nearby  while   we  were  away.
Snuggling  up close for  protection . Vallis  Photos.
 MISSING CURLEWS : From her throne in  the waterbed , the Queen of  the  Jungle  pointed out  that  her abode is usually surrounded by  scores of  Curlews , but now she can only see one . It could be that  the murderous Barking Owls  in  the  past  week  have  caused  the  Curlews  to  take  flight.