Saturday, March 1, 2014


In  Darwin  there is talk  of  starting  at  least one  new  political  party  because of  the   bumbling performance of the  Country Liberal  Party , soon to  face  a   by-election   due  to the  resignation of  a  former  Chief  Minister, Terry  Mills ,  and its  hard  line  attitude  to   workforce    pay  and  conditions  .  There  is  so  much  anger   in  the  rural  area  of  Darwin  over the  government’s  slash and  burn   response  after  an  outbreak  of   freckled  banana  that   growers and  supporters   may  also  form  a  protest  party.  Imagine  the  NT  FRECKLED BANANA  PARTY ?   It  is  not   so  silly  as  it sounds  as    already  the  nation  has  been  sold  a  PUP  outfit , a  small  bunch   which  could   peel  back   power  federally.

The way conservative  governments  throughout  the nation are  performing , a  lot of  pollies  are  going to  be  kicked  in the  freckle   at  the  next  election .   Polls  continue to  show  the  Newman  LNP  government in  Queensland  is likely  to  suffer a  massive swing at  the next election , the  Premier, Campbell Newman , swept away  in a  tsunami  of  disapproval . The   bungled  handling  of   the  Morwell  coalmine fire  must  surely  be  the   final  nail  in  the  coffin  of   the   Victorian  government . Just  imagine  how  the  residents  of  Beijing  feel  due  to  the  tidal wave  of  made  in  Australia   pollution , with  much  more to come  via  the  Abbot  Point  expansion.

While  some  pundits  are saying it  is  a  foregone  conclusion  that  Labor governments  will lose in Tasmania  and  South Australia, the performance  of  the Abbott Government  is  increasingly   unnerving   the  community  at  large  -  particularly  in  respect  of  jobs , wages ,  health  care , education , environment protection ,  climate change  -  and  will   undoubtedly   be   reflected   in   the  way  those    states   votes .   Already  the  polls  are  starting to  show a  loss of  support  for  the  Abbott  regime ,  addicted  to  sloganising  , syrupy  assurances.