Sunday, October 9, 2016


Many surprises and interesting  articles  in  a  batch of  publications   from  Bali, including  the above full page  for the Ned Kelly Tattoo Studio  in the free  Kuta Weekly grand final AFL and  NRL edition  in which the  Sydney Swans  were tipped  to  win and  the  Sharks  would  find it hard to  hold off  Melbourne Storm .

The  famous  Australian bushranger  now  jabs Aussie  holidaymakers who  flood the  popular  tourist  resort. Ned  might also  consider giving tetanus  shots  to boofheaded   Aussies   who drink  booze out of  grotty shoes, drop their daks and are applauded  by  editors of corny  newspapers like the Sydney  Daily Telegraph , rags down on their uppers .   Colourful and offbeat articles    run in the paper  cover  a  call to prevent   Chinese  tourists  from carving their names  and slogans on coral reefs and  the  Nestle confectionary  fiends   ruining Christmas by dropping   the toffee wrapped in brown paper  in the Quality Street  mix .

 In the slick   Bali Advertiser  (for the expatriate  community )  September  28 -October  12 , there  are well written and  interesting  articles  about  the  Bali garden guru , landscape architect  and author Michael White  who  had died , his ashes to be  transported  from Sydney and  go through a Hindu ritual ; the review of a book on Bali  living ; an ongoing series about prominent Americans  who have lived in Bali over a century ;  a feature about Dr David  Parry  who lives in Jakarta  and is curator of rare maps , prints and books ; a round up of local news including  a move  to ban production, sale and consumption of alcohol  on a popular  Indonesian island .

Also noticed in this  publication  was a report   that Google might owe hundreds of millions of  dollars in back taxes  to  Indonesia , the company using Singapore   to dodge paying local  tax.   Sounds familiar  here in  Australia.  Tucked away in a  for sale column were two unopened  bottles of  Dr Proctor's Advanced  Thinning Hair Treatment, imported  from  the  USA .