Friday, October 14, 2016


The dictionary meaning  of  consultation  and what  form it  did or did not take place  are  important   matters  of  deep  disputation  between   Attorney-General  George  Brandis   QC  and  insomniac  Solicitor-General   Justin Gleeson SC. 

 In   this  jolly  book   "misadventures in English" are   highlighted in a most entertaining and humorous fashion .  Author  Michael  Croker  says  more than 700 million  jabbering individuals speak the language , some of it a bit scrambled in the process ,causing  unintentional  communication   catastrophes.

In a chapter headed  Eating Your Words , it says food is a universal language   but  that  it  is a pity we ruin everything  by making  a  pig's ear  of  describing  it , and  supplies examples    from   menus  around  the world .

Australia  rates  a  listing in respect of  misuse of language  in a   Canberra   café   offering DUMPING  SOUP  , which  sounds  repulsive . However, a steaming bowel -Oops!- bowl  might just be  the  thing  if you have just been dumped   by the Prime  Minister for  making a mishmash of your    ministerial   responsibilities .  

The  off  putting  Canberra  clanger  is followed  by a Thai  offering :   Curly Flower , General Chaos  Chicken ( all  the rage in   the Coalition right  now )  , Steamed  fillet of  new zeal ( New Zealand  )  and  orange roughy  (a fish) ,  Fresh thousand  year old  eggs .
In  a  section   giving  examples   of  strange   wording   in  CVs , one applicant   boasted ... Failed  bar exam  with  relatively high grades ,   a  situation which  does not  apply  to  any staff in  the   Attorney-General's Department .
During the Senate Inquiry into the Gleeson / Brandis dispute,  some  Coalition members of  the committee , dumpees,  seemed to have  difficulty expressing themselves  in the Queen's  English ," bullshit " uttered and bleeped on TV  ; somebody  reportedly   brought a  sleek  NSW  greyhound , named Lexicographer,  on  a  leash  into the  hearing  and  it   chased   and ferociously  savaged  the  slow moving  northern  rabbits  as  they  came out  of  the  warren , seemingly suffering from a mixture of  myxomatosis   and  foot  in  mouth . 
In  the above named  lively  column by  James Jeffery in the  Weekend Australian  he mentioned the "title fight " between the  law officers in the Senate inquiry, in which "the floridly  blustering Coalition senator  Ian Macdonald " came to the fore , and had to be pulled into line by the chairwoman , yet  there was  a "resumption of hostilities " .  Jeffrey recalled the episode when Senator Macdonald  entered the Senate wearing  a hi-vis vest  bearing the slogan  "Australians for Coal", sent  to him by the Minerals  Council  of Australia , which had caused  his  colleague Senator  Heffernan  to blow "a  head gasket" . 
Incidently,  at the end of the ABC TV Insiders  Talking  Pictures  segment , photographer  Mike Bowers of the Guardian  and  cheeky Jeffrey dropped  their daks and revealed  smugglers which  said , Back to you Barry !- the presenter of the top political  show, Barrie CassidyStrewth!  What  next  on  the  public  broadcaster ?