Saturday, October 15, 2016


 A soothing  soak  before some  strenuous  tubbing  . 
Dishevelled ,  cool  Curlew  steps out  of  tub  with new identity...
Ghastly creature   in  a  new   Alfred Hitchcock  horror   movie to be shot   in Queensland   about  birds who  become mutated   after eating   Adani  coal  mining  waste  and , in shrieking flocks ,  proceed  to  peck the bejesus  out of  tourists, backpackers , the Cowboys  and  well   known  conmen, blowhards  and   carpetbaggers   from   far   and   wide ... the  latter part not   so  bad  after  all . Vallis series  of  photos.

These  Cairns  Pelicans , one , left,  afraid he is about to be pecked in  the gizonkas , which would be excruciatingly painful,  have  already  been signed  up  for the spooky movie and look  forward   to  monstering   humans , who have  greatly reduced  fish  stocks , and  turning the culprits  into  Peck's   Paste . Astonishing  photograph  by  Abra .