Sunday, October 9, 2016


After all the  outrageous  things done and  said by  Donald Trump , the latest dirty   trick  act  a  media conference  he staged   with  women  who made allegations against  Bill Clinton,  it is surely only a matter of  time before  Donald  gives a  crying  baby  at one of his  meetings  a  bunch of  fives  before  500million TV  viewers  , a  dead  cat  and  hair consultant  Shane Warne .

From our  Only  In  America   file , comes  the above  scene  from the    hilarious , satirical  film , The Campaign ,  about  an  American  election  in  which the filthy rich , scheming  Moch  Brothers  back   some   poor little  guy , Marty Huggins ,  against  a sitting  Congressman , Cam Brady  .  Our  apparently  pirated  copy , bought  in  Bali , caused  convulsive laughter and had to be  turned  off  because of   repeated  bad language  which  we  hoped  the grandchildren  nearby would never ever use.  The  baby was  socked when  Congressman Brady ( Democrat)  missed when he went  to slug  Huggins( Republican ) .    

Cam retaliated, we are told ,  by making out  Marty was an Al Qaeda terrorist;  Marty exposes Cam as a fake Christian by asking him to recite the Lord's Prayer, which he fails to do. Cam attempts to restore his religious image by visiting a church of snake handlers, but he gets bitten by a snake. A video of the bite is leaked into the Internet and goes viral, increasing Cam's popularity.  As they say , only in  America .  See  the  brilliant  film  for  a  surprise  ending. Believe it or not, be warned  , there are some adult  themes  in this  bizarre  movie the events  in which are  tame by comparison  with  the  present  presidential   campaign .