Monday, August 1, 2016


In a  rousing Townsville  speech , Leader of  the Opposition,  Bill Shorten, who had  just  flown in from  the Northern Territory , told  the jubilant  gathering at  the election  HQ  ( a former Cybernetics office )   of   presumptive Member for  Herbert , Cathy  O'Toole, that  just  2000  votes in  five  northern  seats   could  see  the  Labor  Party  governing   Australia .  During  the evening  Shorten examined alluring  tattoos , was involved in selfies galore, one  with somebody  who could have been the sister of  Danny the Red or Che Guevara  and  tasty  pizzas went  down  the  hatch  along with  liquid  refreshments .

Shorten  said the  ALP  had  won the  two  NT   House of Representative seats, ousting the Member  for  Solomon , Natasha Griggs , in the process . Another  victory for the ALP in the Territory had been  the  Turnbull  government  agreeing to have  Indigenous  involvement in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into  juvenile  detention  following the revelations  on  Four Corners .  

It was wonderful  , he continued , that Ms O'Toole    had  won the seat for  the ALP, the  first  time in  20 years. In  her speech, she  said the fact that the ALP had produced 100 policies  which it put to the people had  assisted her grassroots  campaign , which involved contacting  some 30,000  people .  When extending thanks to  people who helped her in the campaign , Ms O'Toole mentioned  by name  her many family members , which  a  person called out   represented the  37  votes by which  she had  won  the  count .
Magnetic Island  ALP  branch members with  Cathy and  Bill .
The strong involvement and support  by unions  in  the campaign was raised and the state  ALP  Member for Townsville , Scott  Stewart,  attended .
 The way  the shambolic Country Liberal  Party government in the Northern  Territory has performed it   is  likely that  the ALP will win at the election later this month .More  inside   news  later.