Friday, August 5, 2016


To ease  the drain on Townsville's water supply , this blog suggests a  crash course in water  dowsing  by  Le Vicomte Henry de France  as outlined in this rare   1948 book , part of the Little Darwin bookworm riddled  library , which we are prepared to  sell to the Townsville City Council  for  a  princely sum and  a  weekly crate of  Perrier Water  during the  looming  water restrictions . A drum of  eau  de cologne  would  also be appreciated to keep the sweaty staff smelling like  roses.

Monsieur Le Vicomte included a  powerful  chapter in which teleradiesthesia or superpendulum  can be used to not only  find water  but detect  where you will locate wild  boars in  the woods , assist in claiming the ownership of a tobacco shop ,  find a  birth certificate  and help to  find  areas  likely to  contain  antiquities .
Armed with a photocopy of this invaluable book , each unfortunate resident  afflicted by the Pokemon  craze, including staff of the  Townsville Bulletin ,   could  run about the city  doing  something useful-looking  for  water to overcome the   shortage .