Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Magnetic Island  filmmaker and history  buff   Gary Hunn  in early September will  take  Sydney based  songwriter, musician   and  producer    Paul  McDermott to  key places in  the  life  of  Irish  bushranger Andrew  George Scott  (1842-1880)  , known as   Captain  Moonlite  ,  as  part  of  the   plan  to  produce a  musical  about his  fantastic life   which  saw him   hanged  in  January  20,1880 .

Hunn has  done extensive research into Scott's life , as he has on other  Australian bushrangers, and is convinced he was  framed   for  a bank robbery in the Victorian town of   Edgerton  in 1869 , which  subsequently saw him  jailed for  10 years.

In addition, Gary has  been in contact with a  descendant of the Scott  family in  New Zealand . There are many intriguing   aspects of Scott's   life is 'legend" that  he  fought with the  Italian   patriot  and  general , Garibaldi. An American  soldier came to  Australia  to follow up a suggestion that  Scott had  served in the American Civil War , a visit which  had an  astonishing effect  on  the  saga , to be explained in  an  extensive  Captain   Moonlite  post .