Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Once a federal election is  announced in  Australia  ,  artists , unionists  and  activists put their heads together to produce phony bank notes  with a  strong  political message. In the case of the above 85 dollar  note , actually  100 smackers but reduced in value due to the perfidious  Coalition , shows  glum looking PM Malcolm Turnbull , who botched the  Republic campaign  and the NBN , as  useless as a hip pocket on a shirt ,   against a   Cayman Islands  tax and banking retreat scene in which lurks  former PM  Tony Abbott   gowned like an island Queen waiting to be called;  Barnaby Joyce  beams  from a  ripe tomato .

 The other side [above]   features  a vignette of  former Treasurer  Joe Hockey  and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann smoking cigars  with  the message the rich get richer, the poor get  poorer. Authorised by the  Maritime Union of Australia , the currency urges voters  to put the Liberals last  and that Australia needs its own merchant shipping fleet  with Aussie crews on board   for jobs, safety and  national  security .
Currency  from previous elections  feature Prime Ministers  Malcolm Fraser,in a three dollar bill , with Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen represented as a  sheep , and John Howard freezing wages .