Friday, August 5, 2016

INCOMING MAIL -Follow up to Little Darwin item about Northern Territory newspaper editor

Sporting  governor  dethroned  by  camel!

With a well thumbed copy of Debrett's  Peerage and  Baronetage, journalist Ian Mackay not only detected  a spelling error in the name of the  South Australian Governor  Sir  Willoughby Norrie (our blue Norris) in the post about  Northern Territory  crusading editor  Jim Bowditch and his   missing  Distinguished  Conduct Medal,  he detailed a vice-regal anecdote.  To  give him  his  full moniker , Sir Charles Willoughby Moke  Norrie , a  founding member of the British  National  Hunt Club since 1933,   was thrown   from  a camel in Alice Springs  during  a  visit  to  the Centre .

While the  snobbish  Adelaide Advertiser  treated this as a serious mishap, On Dit , the disrespectful  Adelaide University publication,  at  one time  edited  by   young  Bob  Ellis , ran  a cartoon of  the vice- regal person  wallowing in the dust  after being tossed by the dromedary , the  caption : Willebe  Sorry ?  

Wartime ALP  PM Ben Chifley,left, with SA Premier  Thomas Playford and governor , probably swapping    dubious   fish   catch  yarns  .
During his  time   reigning over SA  , the governor  said  his greatest achievement had been   catching on rod and reel  a  shark weighing 2225 pounds off   Port Lincoln . A keen amateur magician ,  he was appointed Governor-General of  New Zealand where he played a key  part in setting up the big game fishing council .

When elevated to the peerage in NZ, he adopted the style  Baron  Norrie of  Wellington , New Zealand , and  Upton County , Gloucestershire .  South Australia  did not rate  a  mention in his fancy title , despite his thrilling  shark  catch .  It is interesting  to  note his  first wife  was  Joyce Helen Gosling ... could there be a connection   with  the  new  ALP   MHR  for  Solomon , Luke  Gosling ?