Monday, March 26, 2018


Ace  political reporter  Argus Tuft  files  another exclusive fair and balanced  post from  the  bottom of  the  pack.  
Journalist, author , commentator   David Marr  is   in deep trouble with the Catholic hierarchy  in Holt Street for  genuflecting without  a licence  while attempting to yet again  verbally   throttle  right winger  Gerard  Henderson  on   ABC television's  superb  Insiders,   screened   early   each   sabbath   for  stay  at  home  sinners.  

Whenever  Marr and  Henderson meet  on the Insiders  it is always  first class entertainment. Unfortunately, the ABC  has  failed to cash in on  their  fireworks  by not  promoting   their  every   upcoming   appearance   on  prime time  all week , which would result in  astronomical  ratings. 
You just turn on the TV set  after a hard  Saturday night  and  rejoice  at  the  fact  that  Hendo and  Marr  are on the  panel  commenting  on  politics , followed by Mike Bowers  of  The Guardian  and  his Talking Pictures.  

 In  their    most   recent  clash , both antagonists confessed they had been brought up in Catholic schools  and were  probably  belted over the knuckles for  arguing the  toss or smoking behind  the bike shed.    Marr ,  annoyed with Gerard,  in despair , was   heard   mutter, surely not,   Jesus!,   on  the  national broadcaster.
Mind  you,   former  Howard ministerAmanda  Vanstone, who spent some time in the  Vatican ,   has  been using  some fruity  language on  the ABC, saying  some   bloke  may have been shagging  about  and the   new  Liberal premier of  South Australia , call for a  coal -fired  battery  Steven   Marshall ,  has  balls  of  steel . 
Back to the gripping  latest  Insiders. Marr became so hot under the collar his glasses steamed up .    At  one stage he  was either   giving somebody the  two fingered salute , genuflecting  or  performing  an  exorcism  live with  the aid of a left over democracy sausage which had  received  a fair shake of  the holy  sauce  bottle .

Happy Gerard  in   what  appears to be  Christian Brothers' clobber.  
 Henderson  is of  the  Sydney Institute,  members of which are rumoured to perform  secret handshakes  and  wear  budgie smugglers  down  which  are   stuffed  cakes  of  camphor  to  keep  out  moths. He  regularly writes  pieces  attacking  the  ABC for the Weekend Australian , one of the vast number of   Murdoch  publications   in  need  of  the laying on of  many new  hands   to  resurrect  them   into  real  papers  you  want  to   read, instead  of  look alikes spruiking  for  the  Coalition .