Sunday, March 25, 2018


Zombie  blitz  of  marginal seats  to  scare  millionaire  pensioners  and   their  racehorses . 

In what was clearly another example of  ABC  false advertising , this   supposed  live telecast from Port Macquarie shows  walking dead  PM ,  Malcolm  Turnbull , supported by peasoup green  stage prop ,  delivering a theatrical  warning   designed to scare   the   pants  and  Bermuda  yachting jackets  off   pensioners   in   the  Cayman  Islands .

It was later revealed that  the  PM   thought he was campaigning in  Queensland,  at  Port Douglas,  not Port Macquarie , New South Wales , when  he  turned  on  his  latest  Kill  Bill   tirade  from  the   grave . 
The  desperate Coalition  Kill Bill campaign continued in that arena colourfully named by Paul Keating as a  place of  unrepresentative  swill, the Senate ,  where   ALP  leader   Bill Shorten was   accused  of   grinding   the  bones  of  hard working  Burke and  Wills  to  make  tax free garlic  bread   for    CFMEU  champagne and caviar  picnics. 
At times  waving her  arms about  like a  Polynesian  poi dancer , Senator    Concetta Fierravanti-Wells , soon  tipped  to appear in another   production of  the  South Pacific musical , possibly as Bloody Mary , receiving  coaching  for  the part  while recently  in Tonga,   verbally   used a Maori mere mere  on  perfidious Shorten , saying  he was intent on   turning  hundreds of thousands of pioneer   pensioners  into   long  pig  at  ALP  fund raisers .  
 Grabbing an unrelated  to the question   piece of  paper, Senator  Fierravanti -Wells , Minister for International Development and  the Pacific,   also took a swipe at the  ACTU  head Sally McManus who had made a  reasonable speech  at  the National Press Club   clearly  illustrating  that   Australian  workers   are   being  screwed and  want  changes .
 Then  the Liberal senator  resumed  the  Coalition funk bunker  full  frontal  attack on the  ALP, which had the  Opposition and some on  the Coalition side  scratching    their   head . 
 The senator was   asked to  provide the number of pensioners who had had their entitlements cut under the  Coalition .  She   refused to do so ,  pranced about as if doing the Fijian fire walk , waved   her arms, pointed . The  ALP stated  for Hansard  the   figure was  in  the   area  of   a   million . 
ABC Media Watch pointed out that the Australian newspaper had tried to stitch up Shorten  over the imputation tax policy  in a  big spread , the  real  situation  hidden  in a few paragraphs near  the end of  the blast . An article in the  Canberra  Times   explained how  vested  interests and  combatants are  used   to scare and  confuse over negative gearing  and  the  dividend  imputation tax. 
The Coalition became increasingly hysterical as the days went by  when it became clear its branded    tax   imputation "massive grab" attack was being increasingly  regarded   in the community as  another  giant   scare   campaign .  This was  despite  the  Murdoch  media  pack  and  assorted shock jocks supporting  the  wailing of  the  Turnbull  zombie squad.
 The  Grattan Institute    began  driving  nails  into the  coffins  of  the  jibbering , pop-eyed  zombies , one of them a reporter who seems to be suffering from the Andrew Peacock syndrome ,  his greying locks turning  prematurely black , by  saying  half   those   affected  , apart  from their   home ,  had  assets  worth   millionaires ,  not   paying   taxes.  Shorten, therefore could not be called  a blood sucking vampire, a  pocket picker  by  wanting   to  deprive  these   individuals of a  handout  which , some economists agree, the  nation   cannot  continue  afford  to pay .