Thursday, March 1, 2018


The view from Nelly Bay , Magnetic Island , further rain expected . Torrential  rain in recent days  resulted in  Nelly  Bay  beach being   cut  in  two  by a  fast flowing  stream ,  smelling like septic , disgorging  a  vast amount of  litter ,  pieces of  timber , leaves   out   into  the  bay , forming  a large sandbar  . At low tide ,  Kookaburras arrived to pick over the  deposits and  down  a  few  small  crabs .
One of the island's most  popular  beaches ,  Alma Bay ,  suffered much damage when  a small creek  at the far end  , which had  been a mere  trickle   since  2013 , became a  raging torrent , forming extensive  sand  "cliffs " well over a metre high  which had to be  removed with  a bulldozer to prevent  people from  being engulfed  .There are tyre marks  along the  full length of the beach  from the  restoration work  , much debris .    The  above   view is from  the  footbridge over the creek on  Saturday afternoon, the  beach  a  mess  with  much  pumice and leaves .