Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Latest  Highland  fling  rocks  Canberra  .

Senator Michaelia  Cash ,  dancing about as if she had a  bushel   of  thistles  in  her Braemar  camel tartan  undergarments, whipped out  her  blood   stained claymore  and  belaboured  wode-painted   arch  enemy ,Doug   Cameron , with   his  annoying worker's  brogue ,  when  he   asked  her a  series   of   questions  in   the  Senate .  
 Performing like a   wee   lassie in the traditional dance  on  your  enemy's grave competition   at  a  lighthearted  West Australian    Liberal  Party fund    raiser   , Senator  Cash   did  not  hold  back , in fact , looking as if she was  soon to deliver  a  ministerial  jab    to   the  non-coal  fired  solar  plexus .
Apprehensive  Tasmanian  Senator Eric Abetz  seems  ready to duck a  stray   round   arm  punch  to   a   bunch  of  low hanging  Granny Smiths  in   another public  bar  brawl in Hobart  when  somebody  claims   Cascade  lager beer  is  really made  in  German , not locally . Many old Canberra  reporters now in rocking  chairs  vow and declare  Abetz  is  the  reincarnation  of  B. A. Santamaria, which explains why he  is so  popular with  the Murdoch  media .