Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Territory  Coup  Revealed

Now a  resident of  Melbourne and not knowingly  planning  an  immediate  uprising against the government of The Garden State   , journalist  and author   Kim  Lockwood has   provided  this  blog  with  exclusive  details of a little known event   in the history of the    Northern Territory  which involved an  audacious plan to stage  a  midnight coup .
The  daring  takeover raid was planned  after it was discovered  that   because of the first vote  for the NT Legislative Assembly ,from  election night  1974   until 6am  the  following  morning  the   NT would be  without  a  government .  A   group of  lubricated   reporters  gathered  at  Kim's residence in  Darwin  and  plotted to take over  the   Territory during the vacuum . Included in the  power hungry   mob  was  famous  Darwin international   ice  hockey star and  photographer  Barry  Ledwidge , later  to  star in  a   Vegemite  film noir  epic  and  become a daring  solar  powered  car  driver .
He  and  some  other  members  of   the group  were   Rocksitters -a cross section of  enlightened locals , deep thinkers,  who sat on a large seaside rock  drinking,  laughing , discussing the  meaning  of  life , posing  for  tourists  and  visiting  television teams , a surprising number of  rockers suffered  from haemorrhoids  in  later  life. 
En masse , the motley mob surged  from the Lockwood residence  to the commercial radio station and hammered on the door round about   the  witching  hour , demanding to  be admitted  to  announce  the  coup . 
 At  first , they were rebuffed, told in no uncertain fashion to  go away. However, the   announcer  rang  the  station  manager, who  agreed they would be  given five minutes on air  to announce the  new  regime . So  for a very short time  the  NT was governed  by  a  cabal  of   Gentlemen of  the  Press and  their  rock island  mates.