Tuesday, January 23, 2018


It is becoming monotonous  reporting  the  ongoing    neglect  of  the  Victory  in  the  Pacific   50th anniversary  fountain  in a  key Townsville position.

A  submerged  roadworks   witch's  hat, above,  was found   in the top  pool   by  North  Australia's only designated  S(h)ipping  Reporter . Still floating  about  in the  bottom  pool was  a  drink container  which  had  been sighted  a  fortnight previously , along  with  other  rubbish. The fountain is #1 on Townsville's  Civic  Pride  Trail  yet  often  displays  a variety of  rubbish , even a large  dead  bird .   
Surely the  Townsville City Council   and  military organisations  in this garrison town  can  arrange  a simple daily routine   to check  the  city's  main  memorials , including  Anzac Park , and  the  rusting  anchor of the  American  aircraft carrier  Coral  Sea, near  the  ferry  terminal .

Adjacent to the neglected and  abused  Victory in the Pacific  fountain is a  bus shelter , increasingly covered in graffiti . Also  nearby  is  the   Townsville Travel Centre  with  the large clock  that  has  not  worked  for   years . The overall  unfavourable  impression  is of  a   rundown  time warp ,where  everything  is standing still , a setting  for a scary  Dr Who episode  , a short distance  from the Townsville  Bulletin  office.
 Across the road  from the fountain is the old Great Northern Hotel , subject of an arson attack ages ago, a  limp  banner visible  thanking   Townsville for its  support and announcing the  intention to open soon. No local media organisations  seem  to  have  asked when  that  opening will  be, what is going  on  inside , no sounds heard  from  within .  Could  be  a  story here .
 Our  exasperated, salty oath  uttering   S(h)ipping  Reporter   has suggested  all those   authorities  responsible  for  failing to  organise  a  basic   daily check  and  maintenance of  the  city's  memorials   should  be  made  walk  the  plank . A cattle  jigger   might  also move  the  little doggies  along  in  newsrooms .   
In another news   tip  for alert   local  reporters to  follow up , our foaming  waterfront   roundsman  suggested  they  ask why  the   SeaLink  passenger  ferry  terminal  now  has  a  large sign  about evasion of fares   and  a  warning  that there are  ticket  inspectors aboard. Longtime  ferry  travellers  unable to  recall any such  individuals . Sounds like a story , but you have to ask questions.  Passengers with  concession  tickets  have  to  flash  a  valid Australian  concession card , student  identification  card  or  proof  of  identification   at   request .
The terms and conditions of  travel  state  that due to work health and safety regulations  ,  SeaLink  crew cannot  assist with luggage  items  that exceed 20kg or  one  cubic meter (sic ) in size .