Friday, January 26, 2018


News  ain't  news  anymore-another bizarre story in  a Murdoch  publication.

The Northern Territory News of  January 22 ran a front  page pointer to a P4 report about  glowing  UFOs  over  a Territory town . Across the top of the page , with a photo of a woman gazing  into space , it was headed :  Something's out  there .
It told how Batchelor resident  Sue Fitzgerald had  seen three  giant   UFOs  fly over her home in December . They were egg shaped , bright red , like fidget spinners .
The  newspaper  said  it was not her first encounter  with  the "supernatural". In  1999, in a Darwin suburb,  a giant floating  egg had "taken her back  to the beginning of  time". 
Checking that  this was not April 1 ,  readers  continued ... Communication  with her  had  been through  her mind , not  via voice .  It is not clear  how "the other being"told her  it  was  from "Mercury". They  couldn't come  to Earth   " because  it  was  too  hot  and  they  had  to  wait" .

Somewhat  up in the air , the story zoomed along : " He was as big as the Rock ( Uluru) , dressed in polar bearskin, with a  big, big nose and white skin-and the bluest eyes. " Ms Fitzgerald was quoted as saying  she  suspects  the aliens  are  coming  for something in the water , looking  for  a  mineral , could  be  uranium .  Batchelor  is  the township for  the  early  Rum Jungle  uranium  mine . 

In late December , the NT News announced the appointment   of a new political reporter . Strangely , it  continued running job vacancy adverts  for a  political  reporter  on  the paper , the work atmosphere  in the newsroom  described as "fun." Going on the UFO  story , it  sure  is funny  . Troppo  might be more appropriate .  Then again , two political reporters are probably needed  to keep  an eye on the many pie in  the sky  political  promises  for  North Australian  development .

NOTE :  In 2008 , the Darwin newspaper's obsession with UFOs and  knocking of southerners and  soy milk  latte  drinkers  resulted  in  the  launch of  this blog , Little Darwin. The  masthead  graphic , by  multi skilled  Royle Salt , drawn at our  direction ,  includes  an  alien  with a  bowtie and ray gun  , a    cup of (soy milk?) latte , a cane toad  and  an illustrious , hairy chested editor  maintaining a  high  standard  of   journalism.  There were blackouts at  the time, hence the candle.
Due to a technical  problem , a view out the window  at  the back of the editorial desk-showing Rupert Murdoch being consumed by a crocodile during his visit to Darwin to buy  the  most authoritative , highly respected NT paper-The Cullen Bay Cock Up -had  to be dropped . 
 The  Townsville  Bulletin , another Murdoch  publication , is currently  knocking  them  thar  southerners ,  latte  sippers  in connection  with  its slavish support for  Adani  and  treatment  of   those  against  the  proposed Carmichael mine .