Sunday, January 14, 2018


It is supposed to be  cool and  trendy  to  get  into  the groove  . But not  when you own a business in the  Darwin  suburb of  Nightcliff   called   The  Groove  Café   . The Groove, which also dabbles in clothing, jewellery, gifts and ornaments , has been broken into so many times  it is a wonder that it  is not  listed  in  the  Guinness  Book of  Records .  It  had been broken into  54 times in the  14 years  to  2016, twice in one day , four  times in one month . Now  the police   want  more  CCTV  cameras  in the  shopping  village which will require  trimming   of the  Banyan Trees and  surrounding  garden  in which  the outside  café  portion  is  situated. Recently  the proprietor of a nearby  fish and chips shop in the village announced  he intends  closing  the  business because of  the constant mayhem .