Thursday, July 28, 2016


Front page of Smith's Weekly -The Public Guardian -May 20,1933, during the economic  slump , which  on just about every  page  ran a humorous  cartoon , illustration or  yarn , midst stories of the  devastating   economic  Depression  and its  politics .

The above dramatic illustration accompanied   articles  about  taxes   and   charges by    woolbrokers , middlemen    and  accountants  on  primary producers and  businesses. Several political articles  include  the  one [below ] which  contains intimate glimpses of  the women behind Australian   prime   ministers and  premiers which tells how Billy Hughes washed his own socks . 

Poet and journalist Kenneth Slessor conducts a page of  movie reviews  which includes  an advertisement for  the Pearce Bjelke-Petersen  Pty Ltd Physical Culture School that offers Turkish electric baths for men and women . The enterprise was started by Hans Christian  Bjelke-Petersen (1872-1964), uncle of  Johannes Bjelke-Petersen , the notorious Queensland premier .

The fight between  NSW Premier  Jack Lang  and the banks is covered in light hearted  fashion under the heading THE BANK THAT JACK BROKE  ; British publisher George G. Harrap,in Sydney on a  visit , is the subject of  large caricature  and a  poem ;   social notes and gossip from Queensland  and South Australia  are  included .   
There is a full page devoted to the newspaper's  " Royal  Commission " into the     Jardine  bodyline  bowling cricket   affair. Readers with money  could escape  the tough times  and  cold  weather  on a 19 day cruise to Papua  via Sydney, Brisbane , Whitsunday Passage  and the   Barrier Reef   from  just   27 guineas .  ( Newspaper kindly  made available by Magnetic Island researcher  Gary  Davies  who is greatly interested in early  cartoonists , illustrators  and artists .)