Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Burning off has started on Magnetic Island ahead of what is supposed to be an unseasonal  wet  weekend. Over   at  the  ferry terminal area,  expressions of interest  are  being  sought  for " The  Hole"   eyesore, undeveloped for  a decade,which was  supposed   to  be  for   cafes  and so forth , even   underground  parking , the  area  unfortunately  flooding  in  heavy  rain  and  high  tides, much to  the  delight  of   seagulls  who  splashed  about .
Surrounded  by  a  rusting barricade, part of  Maggie's  cavity .
Expressions of  interest   are  also being called  for  commercial use of  space within  the  terminal, including  exterior advertising  purposes. Meanwhile  reshaping  of   the  breakwater  wall in  the port of Townsville continues.