Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Down  to the wire and still counting . Then  what ? 
With ALP candidate Cathy O'Toole  leading by 35 at  the   latest count , with preferences to be rechecked , the arrival of  smiling Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Townsville  has led to speculation  that  the Coalition will try every democratic  trick in the book to  have a  byelection , first  by  going  to the  Court of  Disputed Returns.  Winning the seat would  make  life  a little  easier  for  the  government .
On his visit,  the PM confirmed    the government would stand by its campaign promises for  $100million for the prosed  stadium  and  entertainment centre and urban revitalisation. He also hugged members of the Cowboys footy team and     visited the Lavarack Barracks  , where  glum looking Jones  was not allowed anywhere near a handgrenade  in light of his  previous juggling act  with one . Part of the display  by the troops included  carrying   an election casualty  off to  M*A*S*H headquarters , and it did not look like  O'Toole , Jones trailing by 73 votes at  that stage. 
Glum chums on political manoeuvres in Townsville barracks .
The PM would not comment about the possibility of  a Court of Disputed  Returns challenge . However, he said Jones had been a phenomenally good,  committed and enthusiastic  and capable   MP for Herbert .  Some text messages  rejected the  praise  by the PM , saying Jones had done bugger all for Townsville ; another  said Jones should  man up , accept that he had lost the election and  not  put the electorate through  another election.
In another strange experience, a  sickly  Little Darwin  scribbler  had  an  interesting  discussion at Townsville Hospital  when an  outpatient  raised the subject of the long Herbert  count  and suggested a novel solution . Cathy O'Toole  and   Ewen Jones should  be  placed in a room armed with  baseball  bats  and  the one to emerge be declared  the  winner !!!
Then he added  fascinating  anecdotes about Ewen Jones  and  another Conservative  politician  . As   our  blogger  had  recently had his ears  syringed to remove a  build up  of  wax , which  had  reduced him to an  annoying  deafy, he was all ears for any  scuttlebutt  in the  battle  for Herbert.  One  being  that  the   tubby  politician  was  too heavy  to  be  allowed into a V8  racing car  in Townsville  because  of    safety  regulations dealing with a    crash in   which a  car  bursts  into  flames .